Skin aging refers to the skin losing its elasticity, skin tone which eventually leads to fine and coarse wrinkles, age spots, rough textured appearance  due to dryness.

Dry and itchy skin is common is later life. The loss of sweat and oil glands may also worsen the dry skin as we age. Skin care and body care products that further dries the skin will only make the existing problem worse.

Simple ways to help your skin maintain the moisture and oil.

Cleanse your skin with skincare products that are gentle and yet effective without further irriate your skin to accelerate aging.

Apply a facial moisture/serum everyday that can help to traps, replenish water in our skin.

Never use product that contains chemicals resulting discomfort, burning sensation or stinging feeling.

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Recommended Lhamour Skin Care


- Horse Oil Face Soap

- Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum or Repairing Hyaluronic Serum

- Rosehip Facial Oil or Virgin Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil


- Coffee Body Scrub

- Revitalizing Body Oil

- Sea buckthorn Body Butter


- Nettle Hair Oil


- Hair Butter